Re: SANTORIN, whats under the bench?

Craig Briggs

Hi Berndt,
On my SN, this was done by a prior owner. It gives excellent storage space that we use for items less frequently accessed, like filters and engine spares.

He cut two rectangular openings in the horizontal plywood surface under the cushion. That gives access to two "bins", separated by the original structural vertical piece.
He put a wood support rim around the underside of the cutouts and then put the pieces he cut out back in on top of the rim. You may want to do a more "Amel-like" finish, but that's the basics.
An excellent change that I would recommend.

Btw, he did the same on the starboard side in the forward cabin, the settee, and the aft cabin, even though those compartments already have access from the side. It does make it somewhat easier to access those compartments, although certainly not necessary. Let me know if you'd like some measurements, although I think you may be able see the location of the vertical piece from the screws on the horizontal seat base.

Craig Briggs - s/v Sangaris / SN68  Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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