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Hey Nicolas, Delos did a series of three videos on YouTube about them re-rigging Delos in Thailand. (Go to YouTube and search "Delos rigging”).  They show the difficulty with the front turnbuckle, how the cables are swaged and how they replaced the wires with the mast still standing.  Not for the faint of heart but certainly possible with some help.  It would be a lot easier with a prebuilt kit like ACMO ships with Bill’s discount as well.  

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Hello Bill 
Again a very interesting post for me. In the new year I will have to change my rigging and will follow your advise and go ACMO with the new turnbuckles.
I would be interested in the DIY method , to have a look If I can do it !
Best wishes for the holidays 
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You can order the kit from ACMO which includes everything and it is exactly cut. Because of the recent agreement signed by France and the US, you will need an EIN number. Shipping may be an issue because of the lack of commercial flights due to COVID.

The ACMO complete rigging kit with optional stainless steel turnbuckles with bronze inserts is about 10,000 euro with a 10% discount sure to ask for it. Freight will probably be about 2,500 euro. Some owners have replaced the rigging themselves, 1 piece at a time, taking 4-6 days. Others have hired a rigger to help them. I have the instructions if you need them. Let me know.

If you go to Caraibe in Martinique, the total installed price is around 15,000 euro and they will use ACMO fittings and turnbuckles with the same German wire that ACMO uses.

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I'm overdue for new standing rigging, can anybody give me a ballpark price. Steve / Forever Young / 53 Amel / 272

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