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I agree with you on all points however an ATN Gale Sail will meet the ORC Cat 1 requirement for a storm. Although inadvisable a storm jib can be made with luff tape and grommets to allow for it to be lashed to the foil extrusion. However you would need to remove the genoa prior to doing all that.

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What model and year Amel do You have?

My Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite is deck stepped and does not require
what is referred to as a Bermuda bolt.

Also on the Amel Super Maramu there are numerous reasons that the boat does
not qualify for ORC1.

For example no trysail track and no quick way to add a storm jib. The stern
rail is made of rope and not a continuous metal wire, the center post on the
stern rail is not permanently fixed. including a way to rig an emergency
rudder. You need lock downs for all hatches, the water tank can not be one
tank. I once made a list of orc1 reasons that the boat does not qualify. I
forgot most of the things that I would have to do and ignored them.

I think I found over 30 scrutineering errors. However , having my last boat
certified orc1, I would put the Amel against it any day.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Has anyone entered a ISAF Category 1 race with an Amel? There are some rules
to which Amel may or may not be built. For example, there is an OSR 3.12
that states "The heel of a keel stepped mast shall be securely fastened to
the mast step or adjoining structure" which could mean I need a bolt through
the mast base. If anyone entered Category 1 race before, quick list of
things you added/modified would be priceless.


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