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Hi James, we repowered about 6 or 7 years ago with the Volvo D 2 75. Apart from turbo carboning it has been trouble free. It is noticeably lighter, the stern floats higher and it has considerably more torque than the TMD 22. Even with the propeller encrusted with barnacles it makes the designed under load 3000 rpm. It has about 1400 hours up now. Interestingly it is a pushrod engine, no overhead cam shaft and associated belt issues and it has a lower profile because of that. Not an issue in our vast engine room. Fitting it was a breeze. The engine mount holes are identically placed so we just had to make spacers to level to engine. The gearbox bolted straight on. These points helped keep the install cost down. I can see no reason to regret our choice.
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Dear Amelians,

Season’s Greetings!
For various reasons, we’re considering re powering our recently purchased boat - we’ve had quotes for repair of the old Volvo Penta but there’s not much in it vs a new engine. Ideally, we’d have gone with a Betamarine but the lead time on that if ordered now is July (!). We have a year career break, starting in July, and I can foresee that date slipping if we wait for a Beta, and eating into our year off. So we’re looking at other options - a new Volvo or a Yanmar in particular (although would consider alternatives). Any thoughts on which engine from the group?

Thanks v much

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