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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Thanks for your comments Trevor. I stripped all the ancillary parts off the old engine and left the rest with the Volvo dealer.
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On 25/12/2021 08:18 Trevor Lusty <trevlusty@...> wrote:

           Check  with several of your local area Volvo dealers if there is a trade in value for your old  Volvo engine. The Irish Volvo dealer was using this as a ruse to justify substantial discounting of smaller Volvo engines in spring of this year.

If I had a choice it would be BETA all the way because it is Kubota, it's simple, strong and reliable, parts easily sourced,  what else would you want?
It also comes with a five year self service warranty. I have come across boats with thousands of hours on Betas and no problems.

My first choice for the past thirty years has always been Yanmar.

The only engine ever to give me trouble was Volvo - BUT - Danny's words can't be argued with, I have read dozens of his posts over the years on mechanical issues and he is always right on the money.

He is bang on about the ease of installation, which on a SM will save you a fortune. My wife and I replaced our gearbox at sea off the coast of Mexico and it was straightforward.

Good luck.

Trevor Lusty

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