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Mr D

Dave, the Pac Cup is a first leg for me on to further journey. In your case you probably would really want to win, but I am sailing it because it offers strict offshore preparation, that being my first open ocean voyage. Some odd requirements, yes, but most do make sense, and if anything, make a good guide. As far as the rudder, its just happens to be part of wind vane on my boat, but aside from that I never plan to use it in the emergency - as you pointed out - it will fall off long before the main rudder will.

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Every two years I enjoy a nice spurt of business thanks to Pacific Cup and people needing to comply ORC Cat 1. Quite honestly if I wanted to do Pac Cup or a similar event I'd crew for a customer. The ORC rules are pretensed on making lightly constructed race boats safe for ocean racing. The Amel's are light years ahead in terms of safety and seaworthiness. For instance rudder failures are not unheard of on spade ruddered race boats, thus the requirements for an elaborate replacement rudder. I've never even heard of an Amel losing steerage and with the skeg in place it's unlikely you could lose the rudder without something far more onerous to worry about than steerage. So you will spend an inordinate sum for a backup rudder that is highly unlikely to ever to be used. I'd rather spend that money on a second autopilot.


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Has anyone entered a ISAF Category 1 race with an Amel? There are some rules to which Amel may or may not be built. For example, there is an OSR 3.12 that states "The heel of a keel stepped mast shall be securely fastened to the mast step or adjoining structure" which could mean I need a bolt through the mast base. If anyone entered Category 1 race before, quick list of things you added/modified would be priceless.


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