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Amel also did mine.

They used my spare packing nut with release on it and laid up the extension. It is a bit longer than 2 pieces of packing.

It is the same diameter as the original stuffing box. They epoxied this assembly to my existing stuffing box.

They also added a few long screws. Works great and there in no problem with the clearance with the ruder quadrant.

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Francoise at Amel in Martinique has a great solution. He has designed an extension of the shaft tube which is epoxied and screwed in place. I now can insert 5 -3/8's  packing strips and 6 if I press down hard. I use a 2" sch. 80 PVC pipe to set the packing and don't drive them in too forcefully. I use the gland nut to apply the pressure to stop all leaks. 10m months, lots of bashing and no leaks.



Extending the shaft tube was going to be my next step if the Dripless packing didn’t work. My plan was to cast an extension in place using JB Weld, or something similar.

 I’d love to see a picture of what yours looks like, because I can’t see how I could extend my tube that far (2.5 to 3 cm?) without making major changes in the alignment of the various parts of the steering gear that seem like they would be complex to sort out.

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