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Hi Teun, a wise choice. Apart from anything else, its a sailing vessel not a ski boat
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In addition: when I replaced in 2018 the VOLVO D3 C for the VOLVO D3 H I had the option/choice, for the same price, to get the 110HP chip or the 150HP chip. Consulting AMEL FRANCE they told me to stick with the 110HP; which, of course, I did.


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Hi again, one more important issue when replacing the engine in an SM. Amel unequivocally told me that the c drive on SM 299 was designed for the 78 hp engine and I was not to even consider going to the 110 models since this would be highly likely to cause failure of the c drive. Later models that Amel fitted with the 110 hp had a higher speced c drive



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I have a new Yanmar 4JH-80. It is a common rail. It was just installed prior to purchase of my boat. It had 14 hours.
I'm old school and almost backed out of the purchase because of the engine. I had heard the stories of common rail engines.
I talked to Yanmar US at great length, and contacted 6 owners of  Yanmar 4JH-80's. Everyone I talked to had had no problems withb their engines.
I finally got a written agreement from the Yanmar dealer in Martinique who had installed the engine that if I had any problem with the engine that they would 
come to me anywhere in the Eastern Caribbean (at their cost) and sort out the issue. This agreement was filed with Yanmar International. I bought the boat.
I now have 300 hours on the engine and operate it exactly as prescribed by Yanmar. So far, no problems. It is quiet, smooth and I can push the boat 
to 10 knots in a flat sea ,if needed. 
Would I recdcommend putting on in your Amel? No. Only a dealer with the proper diagnostic equipment can sort out any problems. There is only one dealer 
in the Eastern Caribbean with this capability. 
Yanmar's  4JH2-HTE is a non turbo, convential engine which I would have preferred. I'm not intimately familiar with the Volvos except parts and maintenance are
pricey. My engine of choice for SM would be the Perkins M92-B which is the newist version of the old Perkins 4-236, a bullit proof, normally asperated convential engine.
The older 4-236 engines are easy to work on, have parts available world wide and I owned or operated dozens of these engines some with over 20 thousand hours. Cost at parts and Power in the BVI is approx 14K US. (Fatty Goodlander has a new Perkins in his boat and  says nothing but glowing things about it) The BETA is another good choice of engine but the wait is long due to the demand. I have no experience with these engines but have talked with many satisfied owners.
Happy Boxing Day
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