Re: Problem with the valve on the watermaker 100 DUO

Gary Silver

Check the run capacitors on the 220 VAC pump motor.  If they are out of specification the motor will not run at specification speed and thus the pump will not produce enough pressure.

Gary Silver
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On Dec 28, 2021, at 07:38, Lior Keydar <lior246@...> wrote:

Dear Amelians

I have a strange problem with my watermaker. If I want to make water thru the 220V, I must close the pressure valve completely in order to get enough pressure. With the 24V, it is not the case.
I asked Martin from Dessalator and we tried a few things but without success. Did anyone have a similar problem? I think that it is maybe because the 220V motor does not run fast enough but I really don't know where to search and how to solve this problem.

Thanks and all the best to everyone for 2022

SHARONA, A54 #18

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