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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Pat, good to hear yu solved the issue so easily. But I am confused by your liters an hour.,1500. I have a 50l/hr Duo. I know others have 100. Perhaps you added too many 0s
I will take the opportunity to with you both a Happy New Year
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On 02/01/2022 01:47 Patrick McAneny via <sailw32@...> wrote:

It turned out not to be such a problem to get a new hose made up as I feared. I contacted a hydraulic shop in Nassau owned by a guy named Justin. He made it up ,put it on the mailboat and had it by 830 the next morning. I wished all my problems were so quickly resolved. I have lost about 150 liters per hr. production unless I crank up the pressure a bit more than I had to before. I cleaned the pre filter,by that did not help. No big deal at least I am making water at 1500/Liters happy with that.
Thank everyone for their advice, I should have investigated a source before posting.
Thanks Again,
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