Re: Super Maramu Passerelle Plans

Steven Bode - SV Intention 1994-SM#117

Hello, Dear Amelians! Happy New Years!

I've started working on creating CAD plans for the Super Maramu Passerelle in Solidworks with the intent of having a new passerelle made. I'm following up on this thread to see if anyone was able to get the plans from Amel. I emailed Maude and received a reply from msr. Thierry Billard stating simply that the passerelle is no longer available. I followed up that email with a request for any plans, drawings or jigs and have not received any response. 

Do anyone in the group have the plans somewhere? Has anyone received any response from Amel? Is any one interested in getting a new Passerelle? I'm going to have one made. 

Steve Bode, Sailing Vessel Intention
Amel Super Maramu #117 (1994) 
Leros, Greece
+1 415-710-6659 voice/text/whatsapp

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