Re: Aft hatch fan mount


Hi Kent, 
You should still be able to see the pics at  Let me know if you can't see the pics .   Posting is here

A few clarifications and suggestions:  1)We did not need to remove that back panel, just the arch piece of  wood you see at the top of the wooden panel.  Ours comes off with a couple of screws.  If there are no wires there you can run wires from either side of the cabinet areas of the aft stateroom.  Because it is even with the top of the lazerette you could even run wires from the 24V receptacle in the lazerette without causing any problem and run them inside that wood trim piece.  The fan requires very little amperage and wire can be thin.  The addition of a fuse would be proper. 2) On our boat the fan is mounted on the wood that frames the hatch opening--other SM models might be different.  Hold the Scirocco to check to make sure that it can lock back out of the way as shown in the second photo before mounting.  It should just fit and usually requres that you rotate the gimballed frame to stow  3)Because it is below the hatch you want to be careful to prevent rain or splashes from following seas.  We have not had a failure due to this although I have given the motor a prophylactic shot of CorrosionX--do this when you won't be using the aft cabin for a while unless you cherish the aroma of CorrosionX. 4)We measured and you could place 2 of the Sciroccos side by side for even more ventilation--I haven't done that but it would be a nice option.  5) I don't ever think we have needed the fan to run all night, so the variable timer is really nice.  Let us know if you have any oher questions.

Bob and Suzanne         KAIMI SM429

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