Skin Fittings Glassed in??

Chris Warren

I am the proud new owner of a Maramu #69, this forum is a wealth of information which I am very appreciative of. I have some rectification work to do on the boat and one of the priority jobs is to replace the sea cocks.

Most of the skin fittings are the original Amel ones which are glassed in, While I have been able to find some information on the site regarding the replacement of the valves I have not found any information on why Amel chose to do this. I like the fact that they are flush and secure however would be interested to know if there are any other reasons? Do these often need to be replaced?

I was planning on using Maestrini or Groco bronze seacocks (or maybe even Tru Design if the skin fitting needs replacement as well as the seacock). I understand that you need to ensure that they are all bonded which is why I would not replace bronze valves with composite with a bronze through hull.

thanks for you input and the great forum!

Chris Warren
Maramu #69

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