Re: Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

Mike Johnson

Dear Bill,

Thank you for the positive view and realistic expectation of performance.

Kind regards

Mike & PETA

SM2k 461

On 5 Jan 2022, at 00:03, Bill Kinney <cruisingconsulting@...> wrote:

Mike & Peta,

I used an Airmar WX220 on my old boat, and it worked fine.  This unit is not as accurate (especially with wind direction) as the B&G unit, but for must cruising boats that's not a big deal. The only time it can be a problem is when steering to the AWA while close hauled.  Under those conditions that +/-3 degree specification can be an issue.  The CV7 unit (which I have no personnel experience with) quotes a +/-1 degree accuracy for wind angle.  That would be better, for sure.

It was nice having all the extra weather data available from the WX220 on the NMEA network.  Don't expect the GPS to be very useful, especially for SOG.  The mast movement in a seaway is counted as boat speed, and results in some very odd data...

Overall a plus, and if we had to replace our B&G I'd consider an untrasonic unit again.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
For Lauderdale, FL, USA

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