Re: [Amel] Companionway sliding door repair


Hello Jose. The main problem in effecting a good repair is that you
must remove the dodger to get the door out to completely re-skin the
veneer. This is not easy, I have done it several times in preparing
used Amel boats for resale and it is a job that will test your skills
and your patience.

Several other options exist. A skilled woodworker can re-veneer the
door in place with thicker teak veneer. This repair never looks as
good as original but can be about 95% as good, dependant on the skill
of the person doing the job. Also, I have seen people use exterior
grade laminate product (Formica or similar) to good effect as long as
the surface is properly smoothed and prepared. The same for painting.
Like all painting projects, the preparation is the key part of the
job. Lighter colors with less gloss are easier to apply to end up with
a satisfactory finish.

I knew one brave and very tool savvy client who actually cut the door
in half with a 45 degree horizontal cut. He resurfaced it and glued
the two pieces together and put on a simple trim piece over the
mid-panel cut that was nearly flush that looked ok and seemed to work

Again, not an easy repair but a rewarding one to get right.

All the best,

Joel F. Potter

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