Re: Onan running but no 230v

Nick Newington

Hi Joan,

Have you checked the trip switches? There is one on my 54  in the galley area above the sink in cupboard beside ac panel. There is also one on the Onan itself…

Kind regards

S/Y Amelia

AML 54-019 
stored ashore Leros Gr

On 5 Jan 2022, at 17:40, Joan Blaas <joan.blaas@...> wrote:


My Onan generator 
is running well and I get 13.6v on the cables directly on the generator. On the Onan display panel I see 230v and I  don't get any errors.

Unfortunately on the 230 V AC galley panel, the indicator light for the "Generator voltage presence" does not light up. Also I don't get any 230v and the batteries are not being charged.

What can be the source of this problem? Is there some switch of fuse somewhere that I need to turn on?


Joan Blaas

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