Re: From 230V to 120V #alignment

Bill Kinney

Our Super Maramu was unusual because it was equipped from the factory with a 120 to 220 transformer, and dual shore power cords, one for for each voltage.  We have since modernized that system using a Victron 3600kVA isolation transformer that can take either 120 or 220 as input and output 220.  Now we have a single shore power cord, and just change the plug at the end to match the local supply. We can use 120V/30A or 120V/50A or 220V/16A or 220V/32A just by changing plugs or using adapters

Of course, when plugged into 120V systems the transformer still outputs 60Hz power, so you have to be careful what you use it with.

I am a bit surprised that you haven’t been able to find the 125/250V 50Amp connections in Quepos. Those are pretty standard in the 120V marina world for larger boats.

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