Mizzen staysail for A55

Joerg Esdorn

Happy New Year everyone!  The original sailplan for the 55 does not include a mizzen staysail but the standard spec includes 2 spare halyards on the mizzen, one running forward from the top of the mast.  i have had positive experience with a mizzen staysail on a prior boat so I have obtained a quote for one from Thierry Monge at Incidences sails.  Thierry tells me he’s made this sail for at least one A55.  The sail is big - 81 m2.  Anyone on this forum have a mizzen staysail on a 55?  How useful is it?  How do you run the sheets and tack?  

thanks much in advance!

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53 Kincsem
Currently in La Rochelle 

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