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Incidence Sails, the OEM manufacturer for Amel has issued special pricing for 3 qualities of sails for Super Maramus, 54s, and 55s. I negotiated the special pricing for my clients, and in a previous posting opened the pricing to also members of this group. The discount is 15% for less than a full set or 18% when ordering a full set. As you can see in the table below, a full set of Hydranet sails including the 18% discount is 15,252 euro. This does not include VAT or Freight. For more information on 54s or other models see my website by following this link:
Genoa Incidence Less 18%
Net Incidence
Version1/Good 5190 4256
Version 2/Better 7870 6453
Version 3/Best 9300 7626
Version1/Good 1640 1345
Version 2/Better 2230 1829
Version 3/Best 2680 2198
Version1/Good 2520 2066
Version 2/Better 3570 2927
Version 3/Best 4240 3477
Version1/Good 1490 1222
Version 2/Better 2110 1730
Version 3/Best 2380 1952
Discount is 15% for 1-2 sails ordered and 18% for 3 or more sails ordered
GOOD - CrossCut AP Dacron is a quote for budget-minded Super Maramu owners who would like a Dacron polyester cross-cut sail similar to what Doyle Sails provides.
BETTER - TriRadial Cut Pro Radial Dimension/Polyant Dacron is a quote for those owners wanting a very high-quality Dacron Polyester fiber sailcloth from the German company Dimension-Polyant. It is cut and assembled in a TriRadial configuration. This is a slightly higher quality sail with the same TriRadial construction that your Super Maramu had when new.
BEST - HydraNet TriRadial Cut is a quote for TriRadial Cut HydraNet from the German company Dimension-Polyant. I consider HydraNet from Dimension-Polyant is the best sailcloth and manufacturer in the will not stretch.

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