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Most USA marinas and some Caribbean have 30 and 50 amp not 60 outlets. They are not 3 phase.
The 50 amp have 4 wires on the plug, green-Ground, black and red hot, and white neutral,
Between the black and white you get 110 volts single phase the same for the red and white.
Between the black and red you get 220 volts single phase.
For the purposes of an Amel you do not connect the white(neutral wire)

Many of the 400 volt plugs are 3 phase.

The plugs I have encountered in Europe like LA Rochelle have 2 prongs and a ground prong. 220 volts between brown and the blue.
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In most of the american continent, mono(single) phase AC current runs at 110 V 60 Hz with one cable life and the second neutral relative to ground. Thera are 30 amps and 60 amp outlets. However most marinas the 60 Amp outlets have three phase AC current involving 3 phases (live cables) and one neutral. The voltage between any phase and the neutral cable is 110V and between any two phases is 220 V. The voltage between the neutral and ground is 0. In Europe three phase AC current has 220V between any phase and neutral and 440V between any two phases. So, in most american marinas they can connect your two cables (live and neutral) to two phases of the AC three-phasic cables that are both “live” relative to ground.
My SM2000 was originally made for an american customer and included a 110 to 220 transformer. When you convert 110 to 220 with a transformer, the current you draw from the 110 outlet is twice that used at 220 by your boat. So if you run more than one air conditioner and the microwave oven or a battery charger using more than 15 amp at 220 you end up tripping the shore power outlet of 30 amp. For that reason I have always connected to the 3-phase outlets in american marinas that allow my boat to draw up to 30 amps at 220 without tripping the shore power.
NEVER had an problem and all marinas, including those in Panama, were willing to do it and I have never had a problem with it.

Hope this help

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