Re: A54 Tumble-drier

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Arno,

Look up the solution Robin Hutter brought to his boat. Unable to find a suitably sized washer for my SM, I converted the wet locker into a new washer dryer location. Brilliant solution!

Robin has also removed his dryer altogether and replaced the washer with a washer dryer unit. I believe he is very satisfied with the results

Kind regards,

Jean-Pierre Germain, Eleuthera, SM007, NZ

On 8 Jan 2022, at 13:27, Bertrand Quénot <bertrand@...> wrote:


Eventually I tried to repair my existing tumble drier instead of chasing a compatible new one.

I ordered the heating element you found on eBay and replaced the old one.

And it worked !

Extracting the original drier out of its niche and putting it back in I realised how tricky it would be to find another drier fitting into this available space as it has been modified by cutting one back corner.

Hope i twill last for long now.



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