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We also installed Super Sails (Ft. Lauderdale) main and mizzen with
vertical battens two years ago. Now, we have a small amount of chafe
(about 5 cm length, 2 cm width) on the middle batten pocket of the
main, on the side that is exposed to the inner wall of the mast when
furling. Sticky sail patch seems to solve the problem, at least
temporarily. On a close reach we think that our boat points slightly
better with the vertical battens.
William Melbourne
S/V Third Wish, SMM 306

On Jan 20, 2010, at 11:02 AM, Bob Linley wrote:

2 years ago I had "Super Sails " in Florida make a new Main sail with
vertical battens. Great improvement in sail shape and no problems
the sail.


Minaxi SM6

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Subject: [Amel] Replacement Main Sail

We requested a quote for a replacement Gateff main sail for our
1998 SM from
Doyle Sails. One option offered was a quote for a battened sail. We
would be
pleased to accept advice from whosoever has experience of vertical
on inmast furling sails

Myra & Paraic
SV Saol Eile
SM 228

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