Replacing a perkins prima mt50

joseph mc donnell

Hi all
The subject of replacing the Perkins Prima mt50 on our club owned, 1992 Santorin Khamsin B, has been raised. Although the engine is still motoring along nicely, albeit with a bit of smoke, there is nearly 5000hrs up on the clock. While there is no intention to change the engine immediatly, we would like to be prepared for that eventuality, as we intend to hold onto Khamsin B for many years to come.
This of course leads to my question, has anyone replaced a perkins prima mt50 and if so which engine was chosen and why, My own choice would be for a naturally asperated engine over a turbo-charged one, mainly due to the varity of skill levels within the club and the fact that they are more tolerant to abuse. But this is just my opinion and I'm open to a good discussion on the subject.

Looking forward to hearing from your experience's..
Regards Joe McDonnell

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