Re: In Mast Furling

Laurens Vos

As we planned also new sails we looked and asked around a bit. We came in contact with Elvstrom. They did gave us good advice and bring us in contact with an Amel 54 owner who already have their fully battened sails.
He is sailing with them for more as two years and is VERY happy with them. Never had any problems with furling. He’s so much happy with this sails that for his planned trip to Cape Horn he ordered the same new sails but in a more heavy quality. 
This information gave us so much confidence in the Elvstrom quality that we ordered the same sails as well. Only difference is for us not in black but in white.
They will be delivered this spring so we’re very curious if it’s all worth the investment. 
I have attached the pictures and also our quotation.

Laurens Vos
A 54 / 72
La Rochelle 

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