Re: In Mast Furling


As a sailmaker, I hope that your Elvstrom representative is local and can sort out any issues you have in person. When adding battens to a furling mainsail, we are eliminating leech hollow somewhat or completely and in some cases adding some positive roach. I've been very cautious with battens in furling mains because we've seen some fellow cruisers have issues with them. I think the advantage of attempting this on the Amel is that the cavity is generously sized unlike the masts we encounter on common production boats. 

The way Henri designed these boats was with a low aspect ratio sailplan that relies more on the genoa to drive the boat. The performance gains of adding battens to furling mains on an Amel are not the same gains that someone with a high aspect sloop rig would have. Also, the gains are most notable while sailing upwind, which whilst cruising, hopefully we are not doing so much of. 

Many years ago we set up an Oyster furling main with partial battens to eliminate hollow and the boat transited the Southern Ocean without issue. 

Regards, Dave Benjamin

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