Re: In Mast Furling

Martin Birkhoff

Hello Joerg,

Since we got these sails we never had any problem furling them downwind or on broad reach. The only problem that can occur when unfurling is that the top of the first batten gets caught in the V1 shroud. To avoid this, we bring the boom closer if necessary. 
I can add that we never have to adjust the vertical angle of the boom to a certain point. Furling in and out always is working fine.


From our point of view one of the most important skills a bluewater yacht must have is the ability to reef and furl main (and mizzen) on all courses to the wind. It may sound strange but my captain and I voted for full battened sails because we were (and still are) convinced that it is the most reliable solution using an in mast furling system.


Interesting to see your pics, Laurens.

The front battens end clearly above the foot. This certainly makes it much easier to pull out the battens compared to our design. The sails on the pics have fewer battens: 4 and 3 instead of 5 and 4 like ours. The sail cloth seems to be membrane instead of our laminate fabrics (triradial).

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