Re: Check your GPS / AIS devices. Some of them failed on Jan 2, 2022 due to the "GPS Rollover" bug

Porter McRoberts

We just had furuno Brisbane reprogram both the GPS and the AIS. Interesting note. No longer to silence the AIS using software, which was important to us on rare occasion.  The tech gave me the wiring diagram for the power wire to the GPS which allows a hard silencing: close the circuit between the purple and grey wires= AIS silent mode. 

Also date is correct after his reprogramming. 

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On Jan 11, 2022, at 10:42 AM, Danny and Yvonne SIMMS <simms@...> wrote:

Myfuruno gp 32 gps and my furino chart plotter have gone to May 2002 date. Position is OK on both as I have external aerials. ENL the NZ distributors for furuno say the date cannt be corrected and (what a surprise) recommend a replacement as the solution. Pity  abuse I like my old fashio I have a newer furuno VX 2 as my radar. Will see if I  an patch the date from that. It talks to the plotter and I can full or split screen  the radar to the plotter.
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On 11/01/2022 09:51 Scott SV Tengah <scott.nguyen@...> wrote:

I successfully updated my FA-50 AIS. Had to make a crossover ethernet cable since we don't have a hub onboard and the tiny shops on the remote South Pacific atolls are out of fresh vegetables and don't seem to carry crossover ethernet cables, either. ;)  A bit of splicing + turning off windows firewall and I was able to update our FA-50.

Do you have the GP-150? I cannot connect to it to update it. I have the serial output on Data4 enabled with a DB9 output and then connected to a DB9-USB converter. I have been using that for years to provide GPS data to my computer, but I can't get the Furuno update software to connect.

FYI - We know a SM with Garmin and they have been blissfully unaware that they may have been transmitting erroneous AIS position information since 2019. It is not a Furuno specific bug. It's easy to remain unaware that your reported position is missing or incorrect. 

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