HydraNet deliveries to sailmakers from Dimension Polyant in Germany


HydraNet is in short supply from Dimension Polyant in Germany and delivery by all sailmakers is impacted. The unreliable delivery of HydraNet from Dimension Polyant (DP Germany) has been going on for at least 12 months and is to be expected for a while. I believe that each sailmaker is receiving allotments of HydraNet from DP, and allocating it to orders that they have prioritized. It is very likely that the boat builder clients of certain sailmakers penalize the sailmakers for late delivery. These issues are common across the industry. How your particular order is handled will depend on the sailmaker's ability to work with the limited supply from DP, their allocation of HydraNet, and their abilities in communication with you.

Incidence Sails:
"Dimension-Polyant, the company that produces the Hydranet, has again postponed the delivery of the material that we were supposed to receive in November… for the moment we are not able to give you a delivery time, really sorry for that. They told us that should be able to send us some sailcloth at end of January but we do not yet know what type of Hydranet we will receive. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can do to produce your sails as soon as possible."

"Dimension Polyant in Germany (sailcloth manufacturer) has been very unreliable since COVID, blaming their bad delivery problems on the delivery to them of fiber from China and other locations. DP announced another price increase of 6% on top of 9%. Things are not going well in Germany. Still some supply issues on HydraNet but no problem on Pro Radial at all. Pro-Radial delivery time is still 30-35 days."


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