Re: Check your GPS / AIS devices. Some of them failed on Jan 2, 2022 due to the "GPS Rollover" bug

Billy Newport

Just looking at Coder (Amel 55#56).

My SC30 wasn't impacted, the date time from that is still correct.

My GP33 is impacted and as a result the VHF radio shows the wrong time but correct GPS. I need a RS232 cable bodged to NMEA184 to do this so can't for now.

I updated my FA50. I had my PC attached to ethernet, configured the IP address. Turn off WIFI, make sure your PC is just connected using ethernet. Make sure RADAR is on. Run the nupf batch file then cycle the RADAR switch, this turns off the FA50 and turns it on again. The batch program will then do an update twice. I confirmed it's now transmitting using marine traffic and the silent switch at my nav table still works.


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