Re: What to do with LiFePO4 batteries when the boat is layed up?

Brent Cameron

The big advantage for cars (and laptops)  of the Nickel  Cobalt batteries is that they can CHARGE at multiple times C (their rated capacity) in an hour. (Eg if you have a 100A battery you can fill it from empty in 30-60 minutes or even less with more aggressive chemistries). This is important for cars as you don’t want to have to wait long to charge them. Same for discharge rates - you want to be able to burn up massive amounts of energy with rabbit starts (0-100kph in 2-3 seconds). On our sailboats we don’t need to charge or discharge at much more than 0.2C even with running the bow thruster and electric winches so no need for the more aggressive (and potentially explosive) technologies. You don’t really have that option with cars unless you stay close to home as you don’t want to take 5-6 hours to charge them.  Some manufacturers seem ok with that as they figure that owners will slow charge at home over night but buyers will be surprised if they ever do a long trip and need to recharge quickly. 


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