Re: Crack in skegg in line with the lower edge of pintle see photos

James Alton


   I have not yet removed a rudder on an Amel but I am pretty sure that the center strap that you are calling a pintle needs to be removed to drop the rudder.  So I suspect that under the loose putty or glass if it is will be the fasteners that hold the strap to the skeg.  In which case  the part that you see that is loose is just a filler to blend the notches in the skeg for the strap in.  You should verify this with someone more familiar with the rudder but I am pretty sure that this is only a cosmetic issue.  

   On other boats that I have worked on that had this center strap which ( wraps around the rudder shaft so can serve has a hinge point.)  This strap seems to serve as a back up bearing to keep the rudder secure in the event of a severe grounding that caused damage to the heel bearing at the bottom of the rudder.  

  Let us know what you find out for sure, Oliver or someone that has removed and Amel rudder should know.


James Alton
SV Sueno
Marmaris, Turkey

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Subject: Re: [AmelYachtOwners] Crack in skegg in line with the lower edge of pintle see photos

Hi Chris,
It looks like only a fiberglass problem.
However, I would check the rudder stops at the quadrant.
Possibly one  is loose.
Otherwise, something might have gotten jammed in there and when the rudder went hard to port it broke the glass.
Just a guess.
Fair Winds
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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Crack in skegg in line with the lower edge of pintle see photos
I am not sure what to do about this one - hopefully someone can advise me.
The boat came out of the water yesterday and this crack was noticed. 
Maybe zoom in a bit.
The second photo shows the crack about 10mm below the paint scraper sharp edge and in line with the pintle.
Obviously it needs fixing - before I go back into the water.
How could this happen?
Have other boats had this problem & fixed it successfully?
Chris Paul
Whangarei, NZ
Inline image
Inline image
Regards, Chris Paul 

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