Re: Crack in skegg in line with the lower edge of pintle see photos

Martin Birkhoff

Hi Chris,

I recommend removing the center strap and checking whether it is deformed. If the damage is the result of a large force, the lower rudder mount should also be checked. To reattach the strap cleanly and check the lower rudder mount, it is necessary to pull the rudder. Only this allows to grind away the GRP around the parts and to rebuilt it properly. This is easier to do than it seems.
We had to do this last year, albeit for different reasons. When reassembling, we recommend drilling an additional hole in both sides of the center strap and the skeg (pic strap additional hole) and running a bolt through the skeg. The original fastening bolts are short ones not going through.

Mago del Sur - 54#40
on shore Worpswede, Germany

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