Excited to join the Amel family

Neil Meyrick

I’ve been lurking in this group for the past year or so and soaking up the knowledge. I expect I will have lots of questions to ask soon so want to introduce myself and my family first.



This week my wife Hallie and I finalised the purchase of Revelation, SM390 from Drew and Lili Gaffney - currently lying in Sardinia. I can’t thank Drew and Lili enough for their hospitality when showing us the boat, and for making the buying process as painless as possible. I also have a debt of gratitude to both Bill Rouse and Olivier Beauté. 


Bill’s pre purchase consulting was invaluable; to anyone considering whether to take Bill up on this I wouldn’t hesitate. Bill saved us in the order of 100x his fee on the first SM I looked at and didn’t buy! And Olivier’s survey turned out to be more like an Amel masterclass, definitely worth accompanying him on the day. 


Lastly at the risk of sounding like an Oscar winner id like to thank everyone who contributes to this forum. I’m still daunted by taking on the responsibility of maintaining such an amazing craft. But what gave me the confidence to do so is seeing the unending support and guidance that this group provides. I’m sure I’ll be back here soon with lots of questions and it means a lot to know that I don’t have to take this all in alone. 


We lived aboard in London for a decade on a number of boats ranging from a Rival 38 centre cockpit to a 65’ wide beam canal boat, trading up as our family grew so are not completely new to boats, but we certainly have a lot still to learn! We have two daughters aged 8 & 5 and are planning to start with some easy sailing in the med this summer before moving aboard full time next year.


I’m sure I will have lots of questions as we settle into this, and look forward to hopefully being able to contribute back to the group in some small way


Neil Meyrick

SM390 Revelation 

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