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Mike Longcor (SV Trilogy)

I agree with Mark. We raised the antifoul to top of original boot stripe but didn't add another stripe (yet). Considering doing that but would recommend doing as Mark did, no white gap between. Just doesn't stay white. Perhaps it would if it's higher up like in Bill's graphic. Anyway, it was fast and easy to do that way.

Mike Longcor
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On Mon, Jan 17, 2022, 2:30 PM Mark Erdos <mcerdos@...> wrote:

We raised our anti-fowling to the top of the original orange stripe and then painted an Awlgrip red stripe. For us, this has worked perfectly.








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We have just hauled out and looking at raising the boot stripe on our Super Maramu.  Does anyone in the group have photos showing their raised boot stripe.  Thanks, Elaine and Michael from Nebo SM2000 251.

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