Re: Raising Boot Stripe

David Vogel


We hauled out just before Christmas, and decided to raise the waterline to the top of the red stripe, which was getting pretty orange. We decided not re-do the red stripe at this stage – further on this later. In addition to avoiding scheduling issues with the painter, leading to possible overruns into Christmas New Year, this was also to avoid the unresolved issue (of decision-agreement) of re-aligning the waterline to be ‘level’ – what is level????

So we are still looking a little ‘nose up’. As an aside, this aligns with the autopilot pitch-sensor indicating 4.3º nose up; however, a spirit-level on the saloon table shows exactly horizontal in the fore-aft / pitch. We are in the process of ‘lightening the load’ and removing various paraphernalia from the bow lockers and aft lazarette, we expect further alteration to the ‘as seen’ waterline over coming months. Hence is why it seemed inadvisable to go to the extra trouble, time and expense of trying to re-level the waterline to an arbitrary reference, one that is only going to change again in the near term.

Regarding adding the red stripe again – we are considering updating the colour palette to the A55 (or similar), at which time we will do the crush-box at the gunwale to be complimentary. We are considering that we will use a vinyl stripe immediately above the waterline, much the same as boats that get ‘wrapped’, in preference to painting the stripe on.

At the moment, our antifouling is sitting well clear and above the waterline, and we are looking forward to the reduction in effort required to keep the lowest few cm of white gel-coat and the red-stripe looking as it should.


SM#396, Perigee
Whangarei, NZ

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Date: Monday, 17 January 2022 at 10:39 am
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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Raising Boot Stripe

We have just hauled out and looking at raising the boot stripe on our Super Maramu.  Does anyone in the group have photos showing their raised boot stripe.  Thanks, Elaine and Michael from Nebo SM2000 251.

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