Re: Machining AMEL-specific tools in NZ (outhaul puller PLUS wrench for the rudder-post-packing nut)

Eric Freedman <kimberlite@...>

You can buy a piece of 1/4 inch aluminum and cut the wrench out with a band saw ; it is very easy.
Just remove the packing nut and use it as a guide.
Attached is a photo of the wrench that I made . Took me an hour a bench grinder and a file to smooth out the aluminum.

To remove the drive pin for the outhaul ,I eventually decided to go cave man on it.
I initially used a grade 9 allen head cap screw to drive the pin out with a 2 1/2 pound sledge hammer. That didn’t work.

I then removed the boom. And laid it on 3 4x4 pieces of wood upside down on the deck. I then used a regular sledgehammer and drove it out. I used the same black grade 9 cap screw. Being a jeweler, I did not whack away at it just forceful taps.
It took about 10 minutes . It only has to move about 1 1/4 inch to slide the key out of the gear in the gearbox.
I did not damage to the gearbox and it has been fine for the last 16 years.

I did clean up the shaft and removed a few thousands of an inch from the sides and front of the key.
I now religiously remove the shaft every 6 months and apply never seize to the shaft.
I have been using the same bolt for 16 years and a gentle tap with a small sledgehammer, it pops right out.
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Hi all,

OK, I have some indicative numbers – it seems only 2 or 3 potentially for the puller for the main-outhaul.

Ross Hickey, SM#356, IntrepidKiwi
Raul Schleier, SM#344, SeaBean

I have no idea yet of the cost, as businesses here in WHargarie are just again winding up for the New year, and hence I also am just starting the contact-research on this. As there will be only 2 or 3 units, I would not expect that it will be worthwhile to go to the trouble (and cost) of establishing a CAD/CAM file for subsequent orders. Although I will research this lightly, I presently expect that whatever we do will be hand-crafted as ‘one-offs’.

I’ll keep you posted once I have an idea of the cost and timings – I’ll go first to the guy who did the copper keel grounding straps (where we did get a small economy of scale, mainly for the freight).

Regarding design details, I will template off what I have seen before on (or as referred to by) this forum, et al.

BTW, I did try a conventional gear-puller for the extracting the axle for the line-handling-winch from the main-outhaul gearbox, and it was simply not up to the task; hence why I am getting a special tool made up.

I am also looking at getting a wrench made up specifically for the packing-nut on the rudder shaft gland. Anyone interested in this???


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Town Basin, Whangarei

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Hi David,

We may also be interested the specific Amel main outhaul winch puller if one can be manufactured. Can you please advise of of cost and design details.

Ross Hickey
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Hi David,
I’d be keen to join in on this if I’m not too late. I just pulled mine borrowing a home made puller from my dock neighbour. I’m planning to service the outhaul shaft regularly from now onwards so that it doesn’t stick but I will still likely need a puller some day.
We’re just down the creek in Marsden Cove Marina if we’re not out
Email: raul “at”
SM2k#344, SeaBean

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On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, 2:00 AM, David Vogel <david.vogel@...> wrote:
Calling all SM owners in NZ.

Having done a small run of the copper grounding straps for the grey-water bilge, and been happy with the results, I am now planning on getting some AMEL-specific tools machined - for example, the puller for the main-outhaul line-handling winch/motor/gearbox assembly.

It may be possible to come to some kind of economy-of-scale arrangement with the fabricator/s. Even if not, if you have any hints or tips on where to go / who to use, I would be interested to hear; or, if you're wanting to bolster your tool-kit with that special nick-knack ...

If you’re interested in getting involved, please get back to me via this forum; I would then plan to take the discussion off-line for resolving the nitty-gritty.

Thanks, and best to all,

SM#396, Perigee
Town-Basin, Whangarei

Ross Hickey & Donna Hammond
SV Intrepid Kiwi
SM2K #356
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