Re: 2026 Downwind Circumnavigation Boat Choice: Amel 50 sloop or Amel 55 ketch?

Bob Grey

Hi Fred, I have been sailing an A55 for 7 years, and am currently planning my delayed circumnavigation, had to make do with around Australia during Covid. 

I am struggling to see any benefit in the 50 and 60 for RTW, although if you were not running downwind and wanting to be like 5% of sailors and circumnavigate eastwards not westwards it would make sense with a boat that looks like it’s made for beating to windward.

I personally am of the view that retired gentlemen don’t go there if it’s not blowing there. The Amel ketch designs really do perform off the wind, greater than 60 deg apparent which usually means 80 deg true. The 55 probably point to windward better than any previous Amel but it’s not enjoyable in anything above 15-18 knots.

Bob Grey
Amel 55 #25
Renaissance III

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