Re: Wide open throttle

Dean Gillies

Hi David,
Welcome to the Amel family. I own Amel 54 Hull No 154 so we may have a lot in common as our boats are almost twins.
I don't choose to operate at WOT, but on testing (with a clean H6 Autoprop) I found around 2900rpm to be possible.
My running temperatures lie between 78/79C and 82/83C when operating at low revs (say 1200), and high revs (2200-2400).
I actually have some very detailed logs of sea trials with all this data, when trying to diagnose a failed gearbox, but its all on the boat (and I wont be there until April).    
I tend to motor around 1400rm in flat water/no wind and generally don't exceed 2000rpm when motoring into waves and wind.
Every now and again (maybe 20-30 hours) I will run for 5-10 minutes at 2200-2400 to get the temperature up to max. (I haven't noticed it go above 83, regardless of how high you rev above 2400)
David, my ZF25 gearbox failed around 800 hours due to a long-term lack of transmission fluid in the hydraulic gearbox. My boat was supplied with the WRONG dipstick, it was too long.
Its a complex scenario because the ZF25 maintenance instructions claim the capacity is 2 litres and instructs to fill with 2 litres of ATF and then top up to the dipstick line.  If you have the correct dipstick then you will need to add another full litre of ATF because in reality this is a 3 litre gearbox.  Please refer to my post  for more details.
The important thing is that you should check the length of your dipstick to make sure you don't have this latent problem, particularly as your hull No is so close to mine. I believe the thread above contains the part number of the dipstick you need (Its stamped on the stick)

Fair winds.
SV Stella

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