Re: [Amel] loose furling knob on mizzen

Patrick McAneny

Kent, The black doughnut section that comes out extends inside the aluminum
housing. Drill and tap through the housing into the black section and
insert a set screw. Pat SM123

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I'm glad you asked that, Mark. I've been taping mine with electrical tape
which didn't last long, then most recently with a couple layers of duct
tape covered with electrical tape which is lasting a little longer. I'll be
interested to hear what others have done.
SM 243

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Subject: [Amel] loose furling knob on mizzen
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Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 11:22 AM

The black donut mizzen furling knob that wraps the socket for the winch
handle is loose. I always have to push it back in before/after
furling/unfurling my mizzen. Not a major problem but annoying nonetheless.

I asked the Amel guys in Guadeloupe to fix this, which I think they tried
by using glue of some sort. But it came loose after a couple of weeks.

Has anyone else has this problem? Is there a good fix?

Thanks in advance,


SM2K #331

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