Re: 2026 Downwind Circumnavigation Boat Choice: Amel 50 sloop or Amel 55 ketch?


In terms of global practicality and easy maintenance it is very easy :
The A50 is better than the 55 which is better than the 54
In terms of pure equipment quality after the big problems with the A 54 furlers from Bamar Amel decided to take the best with Reckman for A 55…. But they are very very expensive ! Consequently they took Facnor for the A 50 … Honestly I am not fan . 
In terms of engine the VW of the A 54 I don’t like , Yanmar is the best Volvo is ok …on the A55 some exotic engines choices make them quite difficult to maintain as the worldwide network for these engines is quite poor … Volvo again is not the best but good in any domain . For the rest You have all the thoughts of us … 
Good choice ….

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Le 17 janv. 2022 à 18:46, Fred Vitale <fredvitale@...> a écrit :

Dear Bob, Nick, Bruno and Justin,


Many thanks to each of you for sharing insights!  Because ROW is the purpose of this boat I am more inclined towards the 54 or 55.  The decision is not yet final but you have each helped clarify the choice.


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