Re: [Amel] Companionway sliding door repair

Patrick McAneny

Jose, The veneer was failing on my boat,rather than trying to replace the
veneer,I sanded the veneer off so I had a smooth surface.I then took the
plate off the side of the mizzen mast and took it to Home Depot and had the
color matched, primed and painted.The door now matches the rest of the
cockpit and looks good. PatSM123

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jgvenegas@... writes:

During the bitterly cold winter in Boston, and in spite that the boat is
shrink wrapped and we keep the cockpit area enclosed, the companion way door
has begun to peel of its veneer in both sides. Has any body replaced the
veneer and, if so, what types of wood are they, or is it? Any suggestions
short of replacing the whole door?

Jose and Magnolia
Ipanema SM278
Hibernating at Constitution Marina

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