Re: Super Maramu Heaving To sail combination?


Hi Kevin,
I have hove-to several times in 45-50+ winds and 12-15 ft seas.  I have about 6 ft of Genoa foot out, and 1/3 of the mizzen foot, with the mizzen traveler all the way to windward, and the helm all the way to windward.  I have a new full cockpit enclosure, and carry an inflated RIB on the stern cabin deck.  She rides perpendicular to the wind and waves, sliding directly downwind at about 1.2kts creating an upwind slick that prevents the waves from breaking on the boat. She makes no forward way.

In March 2020 we sailed straight from Antigua to the Chesapeake because of Covid.  Normally a 10-11 day passage, it took us 17 days   We encountered 3 gales with 40+ Northerly winds and were hove-to for a total of 7 days.  She was comfortable enough to get some rest and make hot meals.  Only one small wave slapped the hull in 7 days.

You'll have to experiment since your sails and windage will be a little different from Kristy's.


Kent & Iris

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