Hours of effort for 4YRLY/1,000HR service (YANMAR 4JH3-HTE)

David Vogel


Anyone have the cost-breakdown of the major (1,00HR/4yr) service on the YANMAR 4JH3-HTE?

I am interested primarily in the hours of labour expended by an experienced marine mechanic.

Scope of Works is (roughly, and not in sequence):

    + Remove and re-install fuel injectors (off-site: check pressure & spray atomising pattern, adjust
 on condition)

    + Drain oil, inspect the engine oil cooler*, clean on condition (*may need a new gasket)

    + Check clearance on intake and exhaust valves, adjust on condition (may include lapping if necessary)

    + Drain the fuel filter, and replace the fuel filter element

    + Inspect all hoses, replace on condition

    + Inspect seawater pump, replace impeller plus service as required

    + Drain engine coolant, clean & check the cooling water passages, replace engine coolant

    + Inspect mixing elbow; repair, replace on condition

    + Turbo-charger: Wash blower; Inspect outlet/exhaust turbine, clean on condition

I do the routine stuff myself these days, but interested in the the time taken for valves and injectors in particular, if folks got these jobs done as 'one offs'. I am getting various quotes and, in assessing these, I'm interested in folks' _actual_ experience.

Thanks, and with kind regards,

SM#396, Perigee
Whangarei, NZ

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