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David Vogel

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the offer re “wrench trace/dimensions attached, which I can get to you in person” - I have an original from Arthur (svVISTA), which I am using as a template.


Thank all, for the pics and files forwarded – much appreciated, and useful reference for others following this path.

Presently there are four folks interested in these wrenches.

I’ve bitten the bullet and am getting a CAD drawing make up, templated off an original – I’ll split the cost of this, if we finalise, otherwise I’ll accept the cost (<$100-, or 1/10th of a boat-unit). I may be more advantageous for those in EUROPE to go direct to AMEL, however, I am unsure of the price -- I recall reading, but cannot find it anywhere now, that the cost was in the order of EUR70-. Arthur is checking his records to see if he still has this info. If so, then I’ll report back. In the interim, can anyone else provide further info on this???

I am in any case mindful of the desirability, where practicable, to keep sourcing from AMEL, to encourage the OEM to continue to support us and our boats. So, that always remains an option.

In the meantime, the original appears to be galvanised (zinc-coated) iron. So I’m obtaining a quote for that, in addition to stainless, and aluminium.

Background: the raw-material component for the iron version is likely to be cheapest, but to get it galvanised is likely to then increase the overall cost above stainless. However, to complicate matters, the cost of machining stainless-steel here in NZ is cheaper than iron. This is because there is more competition in the stainless-steel fabricating market. So, I don’t yet have a definitive answer – iron -vs- ss. As an aside, the cost of all raw materials here in NZ is rising across-the-board, due to supply-and-demand factors, on top of the cost of transport (sea freight, in particular). For example, reportedly, the point-to-point cost of shipping a sea container has increased 2.5x to 3.5x since the beginning of the pandemic. In addition, up-stream issues in the supply-chain is resulting in increased competition/demand at the consumer end of the pipeline, meaning suppliers are taking advantage to raise costs. That’s the unpleasant truth of it here at the moment. RESULT: the cost of stainless (10mm) in NZ is now over $1,075/sq.m = ~$75 per unit for the spanner. Plus cutting, plus freight, plus anything else. I don’t yet know where the aluminium version will sit in the scheme of things. The ‘free’ plastic version (using a bread-board), as reported on the forum, is looking increasingly attractive, but having suffered rigidity & stability problems with convention packing-nut spanners, I wonder it that would be a problem going this route. But we’ll see. In the interim, I’m reminded of the quote: “Sailing is the most expensive way of getting somewhere for free.”

I discuss aspects relating to the main-outhaul shaft puller under separate cover, when I have more info.


SM#396, Perigee
Whangarei, NZ

Those on file as interested for the wrench for the rudder packing nut
Mike Longcor SM#023 Trilogy Opua
Keith Tice SM#282  Bikini Calvi, France
Chris Paul SM#352 Glazig Whangarei
David Vogel SM#396 Perigee Whangarei

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Subject: Re: [AmelYachtOwners] Machining AMEL-specific tools in NZ (outhaul puller PLUS wrench for the rudder-post-packing nut)

Hi David,

Thanks for this effort. I have a different set up for the main outhaul with my older SM so no need for the special puller. I am, however, very keen on the rudder packing nut wrench.

I have a trace of the Amel specific one that I copied from Rusty on Pitu that has the critical dimensions. Perhaps there's a better file on the forum or maybe another owner will let us borrow one. I never got around to having a shop make one for me. I've got a crude tool that does the job but would very much prefer a proper wrench as mine only grabs two sides of the nut (dangerous!).

Photo of the wrench trace/dimensions attached, which I can get to you in person if needed. I believe the wrench was made of aluminium.

Mike Longcor
SV Trilogy SM23

On Mon, Jan 17, 2022, 1:26 PM David Vogel <david.vogel@...> wrote:
Hi all,

OK, I have some indicative numbers – it seems only 2 or 3 potentially for the puller for the main-outhaul.

Ross Hickey, SM#356, IntrepidKiwi
Raul Schleier, SM#344, SeaBean

I have no idea yet of the cost, as businesses here in WHargarie are just again winding up for the New year, and hence I also am just starting the contact-research on this. As there will be only 2 or 3 units, I would not expect that it will be worthwhile to go to the trouble (and cost) of establishing a CAD/CAM file for subsequent orders. Although I will research this lightly, I presently expect that whatever we do will be hand-crafted as ‘one-offs’.

I’ll keep you posted once I have an idea of the cost and timings – I’ll go first to the guy who did the copper keel grounding straps (where we did get a small economy of scale, mainly for the freight).

Regarding design details, I will template off what I have seen before on (or as referred to by) this forum, et al.

BTW, I did try a conventional gear-puller for the extracting the axle for the line-handling-winch from the main-outhaul gearbox, and it was simply not up to the task; hence why I am getting a special tool made up.

I am also looking at getting a wrench made up specifically for the packing-nut on the rudder shaft gland. Anyone interested in this???


SM#396, Perigee
Town Basin, Whangarei

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Subject: Re: [AmelYachtOwners] Machining AMEL-specific tools in NZ

Hi David,

We may also be interested the specific Amel main outhaul winch puller if one can be manufactured. Can you please advise of of cost and design details.

Ross Hickey
SV Intrepid Kiwi
SM2K #356
Currently cruising Turkey

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Subject: Re: [AmelYachtOwners] Machining AMEL-specific tools in NZ

Hi David,
I’d be keen to join in on this if I’m not too late. I just pulled mine borrowing a home made puller from my dock neighbour. I’m planning to service the outhaul shaft regularly from now onwards so that it doesn’t stick but I will still likely need a puller some day.
We’re just down the creek in Marsden Cove Marina if we’re not out
Email: raul “at”
SM2k#344, SeaBean

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On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, 2:00 AM, David Vogel <david.vogel@...> wrote:
Calling all SM owners in NZ.

Having done a small run of the copper grounding straps for the grey-water bilge, and been happy with the results, I am now planning on getting some AMEL-specific tools machined - for example, the puller for the main-outhaul line-handling winch/motor/gearbox assembly.

It may be possible to come to some kind of economy-of-scale arrangement with the fabricator/s. Even if not, if you have any hints or tips on where to go / who to use, I would be interested to hear; or, if you're wanting to bolster your tool-kit with that special nick-knack ...

If you’re interested in getting involved, please get back to me via this forum; I would then plan to take the discussion off-line for resolving the nitty-gritty.

Thanks, and best to all,

SM#396, Perigee
Town-Basin, Whangarei

Ross Hickey & Donna Hammond
SV Intrepid Kiwi
SM2K #356
Currently in Turkey

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