Re: Raising Boot Stripe

Ian Park

When I bought my Santorin the red stripe at the stet was below the water unloaded. The boat has been loaded for ocean crossing. Since we’re back in UK and unloaded a load of gear we have coastal cruised for 2 Covid seasons in local (UK) waters. We still have to brush/scrape the growth on the red lines above the copper coat and especially at the stern. We don’t have an arch, the hydrovane has been removed the lazarette contains only fenders (bumpers) and we are like ghtly loaded.
I will be raising water line at a he stern. I have yet to see a SN or an SM where the red stripe is visible above the water.
No criticism of your comments on overloading at all, but our beautiful boats do sit neatly on their sterns and I am getting too old to jump into northern waters twice a season to clean up the red stripes.
I guess there are a few others who are not overloaded but have come to the same conclusion.

Best wishes and thanks for all your valuable inputs.

Ocean Hobo. SN96

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