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The SOFOMARIN Secondary Saltwater Manifold was designed to replace a SM2k manifold as originally made by Amel. Its design should be exactly the same as Amel made and what is shown in the PDF file. It will not match any modifications made by someone after Amel made it. Of course, the original did not have valves at each outlet. Adding valves makes it bigger in one dimension. It has been successfully installed. 


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Hello Bill
Thanks for info below
My manifold from sofomarin arrived and I took to our boat last weekend.  It is a lot larger than what is in there now, and Bill Kinney and I looked and it is not an easy plug and play. It will involve moving the water filters for the water maker on my boat and maybe some other stuff. see pic.  Ay tips on installation you have heard from others?  Perhaps when I am next on the boat I can send you some other pics or video/facetime to see how your experience might suggest I proceed?
turns out the other extra hose is a deckwash pump showse outlet is in the starboard locker in the aft of the cockpit (location of fresh water shower and Fueling cap).  
I have:
1) ac cooling pump hose
2) water maker hose
3) anchor wash hose
4) 2 x heads
5) deckwash pump hose

I am thinking of taking the deck wash off the anchor wash line with a Y since I will not likely ever be using the anchor wash and the deckwash at the same time.
There is no location on the forward of the engine room for the filters for water maker, so we were thinking running hoses to from the aft bulkhead and mounting them above the muffler. 
Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.

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Saltwater Primary and Secondary Manifolds for SM & 54:
As many of you know Amel changed from copper saltwater manifolds to Polypropylene (PP) during the production of the A55 and is currently using this technology in the A50 & A60. SOFOMARIN is the OEM supplier to Amel for many plumbing parts. Several owners and I contacted SOFOMARIN to get them to design replacements for the Primary and Secondary Saltwater Manifolds for the SM2k and 54. More...
Amel SM Genoa Repair and Replacement Parts:
The series of electric genoa furlers used on various model Amels were manufactured for Amel by a machine shop owned by Pierangelo Vignando. Mr. Vignando has a limited number of SM Genoa Furller rebuild kits that include gears, bearings, and a new 24v electric motor. When these are gone, they are gone! More...

New sails for your Amel from QSails & Incidence:
In the past 8 years, many Amel owners have saved thousands of euros buying sails from QSails Turkey and Incidence Sails, France. Since COVID began QSails has had many difficulties. Even though QSails has been in business for over 33 years, the disruption of the supply chain, the problems with international deliveries, and the supply chain issues with Dimension-Polyant's Hydranet caused some of us serious problems. The lack of HydraNet sailcloth has impacted all sailmakers using this magnificent fabric. The mid-line ProRadial sailcloth, cut and sewn in a TriRadial configuration is available from both QSails and Incidence. Information including contacts and prices: QSails: More... Incidence: More...

Martinique is getting better and better for Amel owners:
More and more Amels are finding that Martinique is a wonderful place to bring your Amel. So much so, that Amel owners are experiencing delays for repair or refit. The following are the links to Preferred Vendors in Martinique. More...

Caraibe Marine offers Amel Yacht owners a large experienced and single ownership company that is divided into smaller specialized shops run by highly experienced managers responsible for each shop. Each shop is staffed with knowledgeable technicians and equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and parts. They all have the necessary experience and they all love boating. Caraibe Marine is the vision of its owner, Philippe LECONTE.  Philippe is the owner of this great resource to an Amel owner, but on any day you will find him in one of the shops working for you. He is very close to his managers and their customers. If you meet Phillippe, tell him you are a friend of mine. Caraibe Marine and its shops are located in La Marina du Marin Martinique. I believe that Caraibe Greement (Rigging) is the best place in the world to re-rig your Amel.  More...

La Marina du Marin, located in the south of Martinique in the cul-de-sac du Marin is one of the largest nautical bases in the Caribbean. The marina is recommended by Bill Rouse and his Yacht School Clients as the best marina in the Eastern Caribbean. La Marina du Marin is the best marina in The Caribbean for Amel Yachts. The marina has special monthly pricing if reserved in advance of your arrival. Be sure to reserve in advance and ask for special pricing. The marina also has an "Amel Pontoon." It is Pontoon 4. Reserve this in advance because it fills up fast. More...

Amel Martinique Be sure to meet Alban LEROY manager of Amel Martinique. More...

Carenantilles Haulout Yard in my opinion is better than the best on the east coast of the US. Contact Jocelyne FRANCIETTE <j.franciette@...> or by mobile phone at +596 696 37 67 14 and identify yourself as my friend. More...


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