Re: A HUGE improvement to under settee freezer/refridgerator

Alan Leslie

Interesting Bill !
We struggled with the original freezer when we first bought just didn't really work well.
I guess we were spoilt on our previous boat which had an engine driven compressor which meant we could get down to -18C no problem. It was well insulated and we had a small electric frig unit with it's own plate in the freezer to keep it going.
Now, on Elyse, I enlisted the talents of Darren the Frigy at Gulf Harbour (he built our engine driven unit), he installed a plate in the freezer box that runs all along the aft side of the box, across the front and half way down the forward side. He connected that to a new frig compressor unit (larger capacity than the OEM) and that has been running for 7 years now and keeps the freezer at -16C at the end where there is no plate !
I'm sure it would be even better (more economical) if we replaced the insulation as well....maybe a future project!


Elyse SM437

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