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Hi all. Some thoughts on loading. When delivered unladen the SM anti fouling line is high in the bow and low in the stern. Given the duck tail stern with low floatation compared to the full and powerful forward sections it would seem the designers gave us a very strong hint that we should load heavy items forward in the anchor locker, the two big foredeck lockers, the two under berth lockers in the fore cabin, and other storage areas forward of the keel, while reserving the after storage areas for light weight items. 
I cannt believe the antifoul line is an error maintained for the entire production run of the SM. In which case it would seem the designers expectations are as I set out above. 
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I added 50ft of chain to the bow locker, and moved my tools and some other heavier items forward.  She sails better, particularly upwind, with less banging into the seas.  She seems faster, too, but I can't document that.  2 years after making those changes, I changed the waterline to reflect the way she sits.  It makes a huge difference in cleaning the hull.  Our waterline now starts where the old waterline was, and comes aft to finish a few inches above where the original line was on the stern.
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