Re: Raising Boot Stripe

Mark Erdos

I don’t think anyone is actively looking to overload their vessel. But, I do think a great many of us got very tired of scrubbing the waterline, me included. The only time our vessel had a good amount of anti-fouling paint out of the water was when we first purchased it and the vessel was completely 100% empty. The moment we filled the water and diesel tanks the scrubbing started as the waterline sat truly at water level. Even a 2-3 mm change in how the boat sat caused a scum buildup on the untreated hull surface. Since raising the waterline, I now an ample area of paint above the waterline at all times and thank goodness no longer need to perform this task. I would even venture to say, I often sit at the original waterline but now have paint above this area. My goal is certainly not to put enough stuff on the vessel to meet the new waterline.


In addition for those who plan so sail to areas where a stern anchor is used to face swells and take the wind broadside, having an extra area of bottom paint will again save you from scrubbing the lee side of the vessel as the wind will cause the vessel to list a few degrees while at anchor. Been there, done that.



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