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Yes Alan, I agree. In all my racing days we knew the best place for weight was central. Miimise weight in both ends. But  we have a huge stern lazurette and voluminous lockers forward. Inviting weight at each end. I am observing and suggesting the designers intended heavy items forward, light items aft,  or else they just did that to frustrate us. Unlikely . When we bought Ocean Pearl in 2008 the first thing I wanted was big arch davits. I was told that Amel strongly advised against a structure like that as the boat was not designed for this. Hence we went with the minimalist pivoting davits Amel approved of. Of course the 54 with her wide stern is made for davits and can carry weight aft.
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Well each to his own, but I believe it is not a good idea to put lots of weight in the bow of a boat, or the stern, or both. The mass needs to be concentrated in the middle of the boat. Loading the bow just to make the boat float on it's waterline is not a very seaman like thing to do, in my opinion.
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